Public Stuff

On 21st October 2020 I was interviewed by The Voice of Islam about the role of emotions in our moral judgements. The recording is available here (starts at 1 hour, 7 minutes).

I’ve written an article for The Conversation about blindsight and the problem of consciousness. This article was traslated into Arabic. The translation is available here.

Before that, I wrote another Conversation article about how no one knows what a species is.

The biologist and blogger Jerry Coyne wrote an aggressive response to this latter Conversation article. A reply to his criticisms (as well as a link to his response) is available here.

I have done a podcast episode with Dr Nikk Effingham on time travel.

In December 2016, I gave a public lecture for the Royal Institute of Philosophy titled ‘what can zombies teach us about consciousness?’.  The slides are available here.

I have organised and run a Summer School in Durham to introduce A-level students to philosophy, and I have done some voluntary A-level philosophy teaching at Hills Road Sixth Form College.