Public Engagement

On 21st October at 5.30pm, I will be interviewed by The Voice of Islam. I will be talking about how our emotions affect our moral judgements.

I’ve written an article for The Conversation about blindsight and the problem of consciousness. This article was traslated into Arabic. The translation is available here.

Before that, I wrote another Conversation article about how no one knows what a species is.

The biologist and blogger Jerry Coyne wrote an aggressive response to this latter Conversation article. A reply to his criticisms (as well as a link to his response) is available here.

I have done a podcast episode with Dr Nikk Effingham on time travel.

In December 2016, I gave a public lecture for the Royal Institute of Philosophy titled ‘what can zombies teach us about consciousness?’.  The slides are available here.

I have organised and run a Summer School in Durham to introduce A-level students to philosophy, and I have done some voluntary A-level philosophy teaching at Hills Road Sixth Form College.