Public Stuff

Here are some things that are aimed at a more general, non-specialist audience. These are a bit more accessible than my published papers, and don’t require any prior knowledge of philosophy or psychology.



  • I have been interviewed here, by Mike Livemore about my work. We talk about attention, perception, species, scientific concepts, and Jaffa Cakes. This podcast is aimed at a general academic audience, so it’s a little less accessible than some of the other stuff on this page.
  • I interviewed Mike Livermore here. Mike is a Law Professor at the University of Virginia. We talk about the ethics of artificial intelligence being used in the law, whether AI can recognise when law is being applied too literally, and whether AI is better than human judges and juries.
  • I have interviewed Dr Nikk Effingham for a podcast on time travel.



  • In January 2021, i was interviewed by The Voice of Islam, about the influence of Aristotle’s metaphysics on Islamic Philosophy. The recording is available here (starts at 1 hour, 7 minutes).
  • I have also been interviewed by The Voice of Islam about the role of emotions in our moral judgements. The recording is available here (starts at 1 hour, 7 minutes).



  • In December 2016, I gave a public lecture for the Royal Institute of Philosophy titled ‘what can zombies teach us about consciousness?’.  The slides are available here.
  • I have organised and run a Summer School in Durham to introduce A-level students to philosophy, and I have done some voluntary A-level philosophy teaching at Hills Road Sixth Form College