Here is a list of my publications, as well as online versions of some of them. If you would like to see a paper that I haven’t uploaded, please email me.

My Google Scholar profile is here.

Journal articles

1. (2022) Consciousness as a natural kind and the methodological puzzle of consciousness. Mind and Language.

2. (2021) A new solution to the regress of pure powers. Analysis.

3. (2020) Redundancy masking and the identity crowding debate. Thought. Co-authored with Bilge Sayim.

4. (2020) The relation between subjects and their conscious experiences Philosophical Studies.

5. (2020) Fuzziness in the mind: can perception be unconscious? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

6. (2019) Letters lost: capturing appearance in crowded peripheral vision reveals a new kind of masking. Psychological Science. Co-authored with Bilge Sayim.

7. (2019) Powerful problems for powerful qualities. Erkenntnis. (For discussion of this paper, see here).

8. (2019) Whales, fish and Alaskan bears: interest-relative taxonomy and kind pluralism in biology. Synthese. 

9. (2019) Modal Combinatorialism is Consistent with S5. Thought.

10. (2018) Powerful qualities and pure powers. Philosophical Studies. (For responses to this paper, see here, here, and here).

11. (2018) Is panpsychism simple? Analysis.

12. (2018) Emotions, concepts and the indeterminacy of natural kinds. Synthese. 

13. (2018) Crowding, Attention and Consciousness: In Support of the Inference HypothesisMind and Language. Co-authored with Bilge Sayim.

14. (2018) Attention, psychology and pluralism. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

15. (2017) Powerful qualities, phenomenal concepts and the new challenge to physicalism. The Australasian Journal of Philosophy. 

16.(2017) Powerful qualities, the conceivability argument and the nature of the physicalPhilosophical Studies.

17. (2017) Conceptual fragmentation and the rise of eliminativismEuropean Journal for the Philosophy of Science. Co-authored with Peter Vickers.

18. (2015)  Against unifying accounts of attentionErkenntnis. 

19. (2013) Is the grain of vision finer than the grain of attention? Response to Block Thought.  (For a response to this paper, see Block, N. 2013. Seeing and windows of integration. Thought).

20. (2013) Is attention necessary and sufficient for phenomenal consciousness? Journal of Consciousness Studies. 

Paper in edited collection

1. (2019) A powerful new anomalous monism. M. Guta (ed.) Ontology and Consciousness. (Routledge).

Book reviews

1. (2019) Consciousness and Meaning by Brian Loar. Edited by K. Balog and S. Beardman. Philosophy.

2. (2017) The Mind’s Construction: Review of “From the Knowledge Argument to Mental Substance: Resurrecting the Mind.” Howard Robinson. Times Literary Supplement.

3. (2014) Review of “Sensory Integration and the Unity of Consciousness” C. Hill and D. Bennett (eds.) MIT Press. Analysis. 

4. (2013) Review of  “After Physicalism” Benedikt Paul Göcke (ed.). Mind.