I work in the philosophy of mind broadly construed. I am especially interested in the interface between cognitive science and philosophy.

I am currently focussing mainly on natural kinds in psychology. Psychologists use particular categories to talk about the mind, such as consciousnessmemory, and perception. I am interested in how these categories are developed, and what they must be like in order to explain the success of science. I am currently writing a monograph on this topic.

Other interests include:

  • Attention (what is attention? How does attention interact with perception, and consciousness?)
  • Consciousness (is consciousness just a feature of the brain? How should consciousness be studied scientifically?)
  • Perception (can perception occur unconsciously?)
  • The metaphysics of properties (how should we understand the properties that make up our world?)

One of my primary interdisciplinary research interests is visual crowding. This is when objects in the periphery of the visual field become harder to identify when placed near other objects. I have mainly worked on this with Dr Bilge Sayim, a perceptual psychologist at the University of Bern.

Before Birmingham, I was a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Cambridge. I got my PhD in 2015 from the University of Durham.